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Pedicab business management made easy
pediSpace is a web-based pedicab management solution Powered by Meteor and MongoDB

Main Features

  • Simplified Scheduling
    • Managers can set rates for each shift in the schedule. Comments can be added to the rates. For example, a comment like "Mardi Gras" will act as justification for a much higher shift rate.
    • Riders can request schedules/shifts by filling out a simple form. If they request a date with a pre-defined shift rate, they will see that in their form request.
    • All users can print schedules. Managers will see all users scheduled for their respective locations while riders will see a schedule that only includes themselves.
    • Managers can schedule riders for particular shifts.
  • A goal of pediSpace is to provide greater transparency in shift scheduling, benefiting managers, riders, and ultimately the entire business.
  • Performance Metrics
  • Your best riders deserve the best shifts. This app provides data that highlights individual rider performance and can help with objective decision-making. The facts and information that the app provides ultimately lead to increased revenue and higher employee morale.
  • Revenue History
  • Understanding past trends in revenue is critical for setting fair shift rates. pediSpace helps businesses make data-driven, smart decisions by taking out the guesswork.
  • Bike, Location, & Radio Management
    • Bikes and radios can be added by managers. Bikes and radios are specific to a particular location. When adding bikes and radios, each is set to active by default. When a bike or radio is set to active, it is available for riders when they fill out the shift add forms.
    • Bikes and radios can be set to inactive by managers. When they are set to inactive, they will not appear as available when riders are filling out the shift add form.
  • Detailed User Functionality
    • Bikers are created when users register. These users will then appear on the drop down menu in the shift add form for the shop. Riders are able to request schedules, edit their profile, and print out their schedule.
    • Shop users are created when a new manager signs up. The shop can only do one thing: add new shifts. As designed, there should be one shop user per location. While in the shop and changing or starting shifts, the shop user should be logged in. When the shop user is logged in, the riders will be able to input their shifts quickly without having to log in and out. The shift rate will also dynamically populate for defined shift rates. Not every shift will have a rate because the managers may not have put in a rate.

Next Steps

  • Mechanics will be another type of user that can clock in and out. They will be able to view shift comments to address problems with bikes faster.
  • Biker performance ranking.
  • Communication portal for all users to leave comments, ask questions, etc. Design will be similar to Facebook's news feed.


This app was created by Tela Edge, LLC. The purpose of this app is to make pedicab management super simple. The product is currently in beta. The source code is open source, and I encourage contributions. Email me at if you have any questions or would like to use this product for your business.


A Pedicab Management App written in Meteor




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