A collection of random and not so random online learning materials for biology, computation, and bioinformatics
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Collection of online learning material

A collection of random and not so random learning materials for computation/biology/bioinformatics. I did not screen all of the material presented here. Some might/will be inappropriate for what you want to do or learn. Please give me feedback (open a New issue) if some of the material was either useful or not. Send through more material (preferable via a pull request, clone this repo at https://github.com/sschmeier/elearningcollection) if you have any that you think are particular useful and would like to see included here. Also, some web-links that worked at the time of creating this page might not work anymore (open a New issue or sent me a correction via a pull request).


1. General computation/statistics/biology

1.1 Online courses

1.2 University course material

1.3 Other material/tutorials/books/etc.



2. Bioinformatics/genomics/transcriptomics/etc.

A recent article in PLoS, "A New Online Computational Biology Curriculum", by David Searls (PLoS Comput Biol 2014 10(6): e1003662. doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003662) provides a comprehensive supplementary with many programs and courses regarding bioinformatics education. Find the document here.

2.1 Online courses

2.2 University course material

2.3 Other material/tutorials/books/etc.