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// Connector.h
// iProtect
// Created by Sam Schroeder on 9/3/08.
// Copyright 2008 Proton Microsystems, LLC. All rights reserved.
// The sole responsibility of the Connector is to communicate with to the iProtect web service.
// It passes on data sent to it from the application or web server. It does no direct processing
// on the data.
@interface Connector : NSObject
+ (BOOL)didAuthenticateUser:(NSString *)user withToken:(NSString *)token;
+ (NSString *)getJSONFromURL:(NSString *)url; // issue a GET request
+ (NSString *)getJSONFromURL:(NSString *)url withDictionary:(NSDictionary *)dictionary; // issues a POST request
+ (NSMutableURLRequest *)jsonURLRequest:(NSString *)url;
+ (NSMutableURLRequest *)jsonURLRequest:(NSString *)url withDictionary:(NSDictionary *)dictionary;
+ (NSString *)postToURL:(NSString *)url;