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@@ -6,6 +6,15 @@ I started this project to test out some ideas for an iPhone app which utilizes a
It's not polished. There are no tests. It really doesn't do anything useful and I really don't where I want to take it. However, there is a good deal
of infrastructure here that I feel is worth sharing, especially, since there are so few OSS iPhone apps out there in their entirety.
+## Moviing Forward
+After posting this project many people have asked if I'm going to release this to the app store. GP is not ready in it's current state but I would like to
+get it ready. However, I need help with coding and direction. What do you think GP should do? Some have suggested being able to comment on commits or edit
+wiki pages. Maybe some hard core forking action too.
+I have setup git-phone in Pivotal Tracker [here]( I will add stories people submit and will accept most any commmits
+form others. Just go ahead and start.
## Required frame-works
This project uses the [json-framwork]( for easy json parsing.

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