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Thorium, an Android PeerTube Client



PeerTube is a federated video streaming platform that is community-owned and ad-free, with no vendor lock-in. This client allows you to watch and browse videos on a server of your choice in the PeerTube network.

This client comes preconfigured with one PeerTube server managed by the application creator - not the PeerTube project itself, which lists more on - to allow you to have a taste of what the client is capable of. Choose your server to tune your experience!

Please note this app is in beta and is still missing a lot of features.



Release Tags are automatically built and deployed to the play store but not released to production right away. To use the latest tagged release download it from github or fdroid (~1 day delay).

Reproducible Builds

Reproducible builds currently does not work.

Help Translate


  • Recent Videos
  • Trending Videos
  • Endless scrolling
  • Pull to refresh
  • Very Basic Torrent playback
  • Change Server
  • Search
  • Themes / Dark mode
  • Background playback
  • NSFW Filter option
  • Authentication / Login
  • Like/dislike video
  • Video speed selection
  • Video quality selection
  • Server selection
  • Video overlay play and draggable video window

Coming soon

  • Video Playback via WebRTC
  • Comment videos
  • Report Videos
  • User / Channel Overview Page
  • Unit Tests
  • Lots more...


Whether you have ideas, translations, design changes, code cleaning, or real heavy code changes, help is always welcome.

For your commits please follow:


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Bitcoin: 1LoTXo728HzYTtyfbkaf5ewSRvu8ABTDPm