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+polar2grid is a software package, mainly python, for converting polar
+orbitting satellite data from various sources (VIIRS, MODIS, etc.) into
+formats that are useable by meteorlogical visualization applications,
+such as AWIPS, NINJO, etc.
+Currently, polar2grid only works on converting a few VIIRS bands to
+AWIPS-compatible NetCDF files.
+SVN Conversion Notes
+The original repository included a "vendor" directory in the root repository
+that was being used to store the vendor release of ms2gt. The repository was
+converted to git using "svn2git" which does not support this structure.
+For now, the "vendor" directory is not included in the git repository although
+it may be added later.
+To save on space usage for github the AWIPS NetCDF templates were not included
+in the svn to git conversion (via the "--exclude '.*\.nc'" command line flag).
+For proper execution of polar2grid from the git repository these files will
+have to be downloaded and placed in the
+``py/polar2grid/polar2grid/grids/`` directory. These can be downloaded from
+the following location:
+ *
+ *
+ *
+ *
+Note that since these are not in version control through git, there is no
+easy way to tell if the files have changed through github.

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