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the shady Scotsman

How I generated the nib file

The code depends on the .nib file in being correct.

The nib file was generated in Interface Builder in a skeleton project in Xcode 5. It consists of a Window containing an NSView containing an NSOpenGLView

  • the class of the NSOpenGLView is set to MacShadyGLView
  • a referencing outlet from the NSOpenGLView goes to "delegate" of Window
  • Constraints are add between the NSView and the NSOpenGLView
    • Leading space to Superview
    • Top Space to Superview
    • Bottom space to Superview
    • Trailing space to Superview

OpenGL Core Profile 3.2

In order to have the shaders display I had

Design notes

The Cabal environment used to compile the effects

  1. I want this environment to come bundled with i.e. .o and .hi files are in there along with .conf files.
  2. The paths in these are absolute not relative.
  3. This will mean we have to patch the paths when installing the files.
  4. I also probably want to bundle GHC 7.6.3 with the too.

An alternative. You installed and then you run a setup file which makes sure that GHC is installed and the right version of Cabal and then installs all the required packages.

Problems overcome

Q1. I had a torus displaying but it looked funny. First there was a circle kind of showing at one end and there was a strange stripey nature to it. I eventually worked out that it must be that the z test wasn't working properly.

A1. It turned out that I had not enabled a depth buffer in Cocoa's NSOpenGLView. I could have done this in the interface builder but instead I opted to override it in the awakeFromNib method.

I also had to set the right depthFunc using the Haskell OpenGL library.

  depthFunc $= Just Less