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{-# LANGUAGE TemplateHaskell #-}
{-# LANGUAGE MultiParamTypeClasses #-}
{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
{-# OPTIONS_GHC -fno-warn-orphans #-}
module Controller
( withFoundation
, withDevelApp
) where
import Foundation
import Settings
import Yesod.Helpers.Static
import Yesod.Helpers.Auth
import Database.Persist.GenericSql
import Data.ByteString (ByteString)
import Data.Dynamic (Dynamic, toDyn)
import System.Directory ( getAppUserDataDirectory, doesDirectoryExist, createDirectory
, removeDirectoryRecursive)
import Control.Monad (when)
-- Import all relevant handler modules here.
import Handler.Root
import Handler.Effect
import Handler.About
-- This line actually creates our YesodSite instance. It is the second half
-- of the call to mkYesodData which occurs in Foundation.hs. Please see
-- the comments there for more details.
mkYesodDispatch "Foundation" resourcesFoundation
-- Some default handlers that ship with the Yesod site template. You will
-- very rarely need to modify this.
getFaviconR :: Handler ()
getFaviconR = sendFile "image/x-icon" "config/favicon.ico"
getRobotsR :: Handler RepPlain
getRobotsR = return $ RepPlain $ toContent ("User-agent: *" :: ByteString)
-- This function allocates resources (such as a database connection pool),
-- performs initialization and creates a WAI application. This is also the
-- place to put your migrate statements to have automatic database
-- migrations handled by Yesod.
withFoundation :: (Application -> IO a) -> IO a
withFoundation f = Settings.withConnectionPool $ \p -> do
runConnectionPool (runMigration migrateAll) p
cacheDir <- createCache
let h = Foundation { getStatic = s
, connPool = p
, cacheDir = cacheDir }
toWaiApp h >>= f
s = static Settings.staticdir
createCache = do
cache <- getAppUserDataDirectory "play-space-cache"
exists <- doesDirectoryExist cache
when exists (removeDirectoryRecursive cache)
createDirectory cache
return cache
withDevelApp :: Dynamic
withDevelApp = toDyn (withFoundation :: (Application -> IO ()) -> IO ())
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