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Terminal ANSI color palette previewer
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TermPalette is a collection of terminal color palette viewers written in python. They can be accessed using the tpal command line utility.

TermPalette is available under the MIT license.

TermPalette screenshot

See all screenshots at the Imgur album.



If you're an ArchLinux user, you can use the termpalette-git PKGBUILD.

Other *NIX

Clone the repo or download the source, then use the regular python distutils way:

$ sudo python install


$ tpal --list

Available viewers:

name         description
----         -----------
art          A colorful art gallery (try doing "art list")
brightness   A color palette comparing color brightnesses
matrix       A large matrix showing all color and background combinations for regular and bold text
minimat      A minimal matrix of colors
rainbow      A rainbow of colors

$ tpal minimat

( a beautiful color preview )

You can also run tpal without command line arguments to randomly select a viewer.


The available viewers are listed in the termpalette/viewers/ directory. Viewers make use of the commands in termpalette.util to handle drawing colors to the terminal.

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