Beeq is a step-sequencer for the Snyderphonics Manta written in Pure Data
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* bottom 2 rows of pads are steps in the sequencer 
    * 16 steps for duplet sequences
    * 12 steps for triplet sequences (first 6 pads of each row)
* each step holds a pitch/value pair
* each step that has notes programmed to it is lit red
* at each step, the pad corresponding to that step lights up yellow
* at each step, any pads corresponding to a note being played lights up yellow
* Triplet and duplet sequences are running in parallel
* Button 0 toggles between duplet and triplet view. The button lights up
  yellow in duplet mode, red in triplet. The colors of the sequence row are
  also inverted when in triplet mode
* to add a note to a step:
    1. Press the desired step
    2. While holding the step pad, press a note pad
    3. While holding the note pad, release the step pad
    4. The Value stored for that note is whatever the pad value was
       when the step pad was released
* to remove a note from a step:
    1. Press the desired step
    2. All the notes in that step will light up
    3. Press and release the note you want to remove
    4. Release the step pad
* Pressing a note pad without pressing a step pad plays that note
* updating a step updates the step LED
* switching between duplet/triplet mode refreshes the step LEDs
* double-tapping a step pad sets that pad to be the end of the sequence
    * the pad could be in a duplet or triplet sequence
* Slider 1 controls which page of the sequence is being edited
* changing the page updates the step LEDs

* Slider 0 controls which channel is being edited
* changing channels updates the step LEDs
* the last step in the sequence is lit yellow
    * if the last step has notes assigned, it blinks yellow/red
* each step can have multiple notes assigned to it (polyphony)
* when a step pad (bottom two rows) is touched, all notes in that step
  light up yellow

Data Structures

* seqNote
    * note
    * value
* sequence

Known Issues
* LEDs don't light up properly when step length is 1 (duplet or triplet)