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Demo application for the docopt and cmd python modules implementing a command-line interface to github gists

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Writing Command Line Tools in Python

The following are my notes for the talk on writing command line applications given to PhillyPUG on July 10, 2013.

Usage Strings

  • uses existing unix conventions (posix!)

Argument Parsing

  • optparse
  • argparse
  • docopt


  • automatic argument parsing
  • help comes for free
  • arguments
  • options
  • commands
    • constant strings
  • Separate options definitions
  • Vladimir Keleshev

Shelling Out

  • Writing Interactive Applications
  • use the cmd module


  • python standard library
  • subclass Cmd
  • set a prompt
  • define operations with do_ functions
  • docstrings become command help
  • help comes for free (again!)


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