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Holographic Cure Light Wounds

Holographic Cure Light Wounds - Illusionist 1, Healing, Illusion

  • Circle: Illusionist 1
  • Domain: Healing
  • School: Illusion
  • Verbal Component: Illusio Medicus Primus
  • Somatic Component: Drawing a plus-sign in the air with both hands, then poking both index fingers through the center
  • Map Range: Touch
  • Map-less Range: Melee
  • Target: Creature touched
  • Duration: 1 minute per caster level
  • Saving Throw: Wisdom half (harmless); see text
  • Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless); see text

When laying your hand upon a living creature, you create illusory blood, tissues, and organs that give temporary hit points for the duration. The number of temporary hit points is 1d8 points, +1 point per caster level.

If the target receives a true Cure or Heal spell, then the temporary hit points from Holographic Cure are also made true, up to the target's maximum hit points.

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