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My dotfiles for herbstluftwm, tmux, zsh, Vim, and other applications...
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This repository contains my dotfiles.

I use dotfiles manager dot in order to:

  • Set symbolic links
  • Add new file to this repository
  • Switch machine specific configurations




How to Install

Install by dot

ssh0/dot: dotfiles management framework with shell


Clone this repository by

git clone ~/.ssh0-dotfiles

Then, execute:

cd ~/.ssh0-dotifles
./ will install dot and make the symolic links written in dotlink.

Install manually

1. Install dot

  • Clone the repository
git clone $HOME/.zsh/dot
  • Write in your {bash|zsh}rc like below:
export DOT_REPO=""
export DOT_DIR="$HOME/.dotfiles"
fpath=($HOME/.zsh/dot $fpath)  # <- for completion
source $HOME/.zsh/dot/

See details at dot's README.

2. Clone repository and make symbolic links

  • Create the dot's config file for this repository(of cource you can make that for your own dotfiles)
mkdir -p $HOME/.config/dot
cat > $HOME/.config/dot/dotrc-ssh0 << EOF
  • Write like below in your {bash|zsh}rc and reload shellrc:
alias dot-ssh0="dot_main -c $HOME/.config/dot/dotrc-ssh0"
  • Execute the dot command:
dot-ssh0 clone -f && dot-ssh0 set

Then, this repository is cloned on your computer and the symbolic links will be created.

If files or links have already existed, this command will ask you to choose the operation. So, don't worry about breaking your existing system. You can skip these conflict files by using dot-ssh0 set -i.

This repository is work-in-progress and some files will be changed in the future. If you want to follow up-to-date settings:

dot-ssh0 update

Install without dot

Clone (or folk) this repository on your computer:

git clone --recursive ~/.dotfiles-ssh0

then, you can copy or make a symbolic from the directory to the right place(described in dotlink).

Local settings

For my other machines ...

ThinkPad T540p


export PC=T540p/

Lenovo IdeaPad S10e


export PC=S10e/


All the files in this repository (except submodule) is under WTFPL - Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License.

See full text at LICENSE.

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