"No Delays" Air Traffic Management from NASA Space Apps Challenge (Toronto)
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"No Delays" Air Traffic Management from NASA Space Apps Challenge (Toronto)

Basic Idea of the game:

  • This is supposed to be a browser-based simulation game where users assume control of their local airport.
  • You start off with a fixed number of planes of basic types (upgradable later).
  • You have a fixed number to flights that you need to direct to their corresponding destinations.
  • You score points for successfully delivering flights to their destinations, similar to how you would in a Civilization game.
  • Incoming flights to your airport need to be handled accordingly.
  • Aim of this game is to get users to see the bigger picture behind flights and air traffic control in general.


  • Users need to be aware of things like weather, destination airport capacity, and other real life factors while they direct their flights.
  • Points can be redeemed to purchased upgrades such as runways, better planes etc.
  • Maps to Earth to start with. Capibitlies of adding Maps of Other planets and other custom location is also planned.

Single Player vs Multiplayer:

  • Users will get to play against computer simulated airport controllers in a single player game.
  • Multiplayer game will let users interact with other users.


(unfinished) Live Demo: here

Tech/Plug-ins/Tools used: