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Generate a secret() using random bytes and add it to your app

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Mojolicious::Command::secret - Create an application secret() consisting of random bytes


Tired of manually creating and adding secrets? Me too! Use this command to create a secret and add it to your Mojolicous or Mojolicious::Lite application:

 ./script/your_app secret
 ./lite_app secret

This will modify the appropriate application file, though an existing secret will not be overridden unless the -f option is used.

It is assumed that your file contains UTF-8 data and that you use $self or app to refer to your application instance.

If you do not want to automatically add the secret to your application use the mojo secret command or the -p option and the secret will be printed to STDOUT instead:

 mojo secret
 ./script/your_app secret -p


 -f, --force                    Overwrite an existing secret. Defaults to 0.
 -g, --generator MODULE=method  Module & method to generate the secret. The method must 
                                accept an integer argument. Defaults to Crypt::URandom=urandom 
                                and Crypt::OpenSSL::Random=random_bytes
 -p, --print                    Print the secret, do not add it to your application.
 -s, --size      SIZE           Number of bytes to use. Defaults to 32.

Default options can be added to the MOJO_SECRET_OPTIONS environment variable.


Crypt::URandom, Crypt::OpenSSL::Random


(c) 2012 Skye Shaw


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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