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Interactive Emacs functions that create URLs for files and commits in GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab/... repositories.

git-link returns the URL for the current buffer's file location at the current line number or active region.

git-link-commit returns the URL for the commit at point.

git-link-homepage returns the URL for the repository's homepage.

URLs are added to the kill ring.


Functions can be called interactively (M-x git-link) or via a key binding of your choice. For example:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-c g l") 'git-link)

With a single prefix argument prompt for the remote's name. Defaults to "origin".

With a double prefix argument invert the value of git-link-use-commit.

With a prefix argument of -, generate a link without line numbers.

Works with Dired, Magit, VC revisions, and Tramp too.


Global setting are elisp variables. They can be set directly or via M-x customize.

Local settings are managed via the repository's git configuration. They can be set via:

git config --local --add setting value

Local settings have precedence over global settings.



Name of the remote to link to, defaults to nil.


Name of the remote branch to link to, defaults to the current branch.


If t also open the link via browse-url. To use an alternate function set to that function's symbol. Defaults to nil.


If non-nil use the latest commit's hash in the link instead of the branch name, defaults to nil.


If nil line numbers are only added when the selection contains more than 1 line, defaults to t.

Note that git-link will exclude line numbers when invoked with the - prefix argument.



Name of the remote to link to.


Name of the remote branch to link to.

Supported Services

Git Timemachine

If git-timemachine-mode is active git-link generates a URL for the version of the file being visited.


To link to files on a Sourcegraph server add a git remote pointing to the repository's Sourcegraph page:

git remote add sourcegraph

Links can be generated by specifying sourcegraph as your remote when calling the desired link function or by setting sourcegraph as the default remote.

Note that the remote can be named anything but its URL's host must match what's in the associated link function's alist. This defaults to "sourcegraph" but can be changed. See Building Links and Adding Services.

URLs with ports or an http scheme will not work. It's a trivial fix so if it's a problem for you please open an issue.

Building Links and Adding Services

git-link-remote-alist is an alist containing (REGEXP FUNCTION) elements. The FUNCTION creates URLs for file on remote host names that match the REGEXP. To add (or modify) how URLs are created for a given host, add appropriate elements to this list.

As an example, one of the default elements in this alist is ("gitlab" git-link-gitlab). So the git-link-gitlab function will be used to create URLs to files in remotes that match the regexp "gitlab". That would cover common Gitlab host URLs like "", "" and "".

git-link-commit-remote-alist is also an alist containing (REGEXP FUNCTION) elements. Here, the FUNCTION creates URLs to the commit pages, for remote hosts matching REGEXP.

If you use a self-hosted version of one of the supported services, but your remote URL does match with the defaults, you can configure these link function alists. For example, for a GitHub Enterprise instance at, you could add the following to your .emacs file:

(eval-after-load 'git-link
   (add-to-list 'git-link-remote-alist
     '("gh\\.example\\.com" git-link-github))
   (add-to-list 'git-link-commit-remote-alist
     '("gh\\.example\\.com" git-link-commit-github))))

The git-link signature is:


  • HOSTNAME hostname of the remote
  • DIRNAME directory portion of the remote
  • FILENAME source file, relative to DIRNAME
  • BRANCH active branch, may be nil if the repo's in "detached HEAD" state
  • COMMIT SHA of the latest commit
  • START starting line number
  • END ending line number, nil unless region is active

The git-link-commit signature is:


  • HOSTNAME hostname of the remote
  • DIRNAME directory portion of the remote
  • COMMIT SHA of the commit

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