Installation Guides

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To use the Transporter GUI you must:

  1. Install The Transporter (iTMSTransporter)
  2. Install your system's dependencies
  3. Install The GUI

System Dependencies


Install Ruby with DevKit. If you're using MySQL you must use Ruby < 2.4.

All Ruby downloads can be found here


All dependencies should be installed as the root user. See distribution specific list below.


yum install ruby.x86_64
yum install ruby-devel.x86_64
yum install gcc.x86_64
yum install make.x86_64
yum install sqlite-devel.x86_64 # or whatever DB you use


apt install openjdk-8-jre # required by iTMSTransporter
apt install ruby2.3
apt install ruby2.3-dev
apt install build-essential
apt install zlib1g-dev
apt install liblzma-dev
apt install libffi-dev
apt install libxml2-dev
apt install libxslt1-dev
apt install libsqlite3-dev # or whatever DB you use

iTunes Store Transporter GUI

After installing your system's dependencies, from the itunes_store_transporter_web root directory run:

ruby install.rb

Now follow the prompts.

Information on starting/stopping the web server and workers, and configuring The GUI can be found here.