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Generate directory listings in the request's prefered format. Customize response via ERB templates and/or callbacks.


run "/var/www/html/yoursite"

curl -H 'Accept: application/json' 'http://yoursite/somedir'
curl -H 'Accept: application/xml'  'http://yoursite/somedir'

# Only accept requests for HTML and JSON 
run, ".", :accept => [:html, :json]

# Get the directory from the "file" request parameter, e.g., for JavaScript file browsers.
run, ".", :param => "file"

curl 'http://yoursite/somedir?file=path/to/dir'

# Custom templates
run, ".", :templates => YourFactory
run, ".", :templates => "/path/to/erb/templates"  
run, ".", :templates => { :json => lambda { |listing| ... } }

# Recursive listings 
run, ".", :recurse => true

# Recurse with a limit
run, ".", :recurse => 10


Rack::DirectoryTemplate is a Rack endpoint for directory listings that examines the request's Accept header and generates a reply in the prefered format. Directory names can also be given via a request parameter, great for JavaScript file tree plugins like jQuery File Tree.

Currently supports HTML, JSON, and XML. Suitable defaults are provided for each format. Customization is possible via ERB templates and/or callbacks.

Requests for files will be passed off to the handler given by the :app option, which defaults to Rack::File.

Creating Templates

Templates can be created via ERB, a Proc, or a class that responds to a html, xml, or json method. A directory listing for the request will be provided to these in the following format, either as an argument or as a template variable:

{ :url   => "/some/path"
  :name  => "path, 
  :user  => "sshaw", 
  :group => "sshaw",  
  :type  => "directory",
  :mtime => "Tue Jun 05 14:13:31 -0700 2012",
  :atime => "Tue Jun 05 14:13:31 -0700 2012",
  :ctime => "Tue Jun 05 14:13:31 -0700 2012",
  :mode  => 16877,
  :files => [ { 
    :url  => "/some/path/file1", 
    :name => "file", 
    # same fields as above 
   } ] }


Skye Shaw [sshaw AT]


Released under the MIT License: