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+# ssh:Chicago Meeting Minutes for 2012-3-14 #
+## Roll ##
+Alex Z., Celeste W., Dmitriy V., Joe M., John S., Joy B., Matt C., Rachael H.
+## Correspondence ##
+ * John C. talked to Dorkbot, they're in a transitional phase, said a hackerspace would be good for them.
+ * Matt C. talked to Sabrina Fesko(sic?) briefly, no conclusive contact. Worth pursuing, even if not of direct help, as she is an amazing resource and networks with everyone.
+ * CS and ECE professors, Dmitriy V.
+ - Matt Bauer, said to talk to IEEE and ACM, Beckman yet to reply.
+ - Also reached out to Eric Lenardson, a local artist, may be affiliated with Dorkbot.
+ * Celeste W. did very initial outreach to people from UIC, some vague interest.
+ * Matt C.talked to IIT robotics, there's some interest.
+ * Joy B.: Dennis? Roversen is also good to talk to.
+ * MMAE professors, Celeste W. : None yet.
+ * Bubbly Dynamics, Matt C., contact is John Edel(sic?), not yet contacted.
+## Old Business ##
+ * Celeste W. has not yet completed the financial overview, will be completed next week or beating will ensue.
+ * Alex Z. has gotten the lead generation site up, need to work on getting to resolve. Going to hand out Mailchimp logins to anyone who wants, ask me for passwords. This is for external publicity and marketing, not our stuff. We could easily switch list providers. Presently 4 signups, one of which is me.
+ * We have a Github organization, ask Matt C, Alex Z., or Lance C. for access.
+ * Matt C. has set up a Kiva team, everyone should join. A link is on Google Group. Right now there's a $25 free trial, so you should all do this.
+ * Celeste W. and Joe M. started a RoR tutoring session, it'd be great if more people got involved. Doing it again this Thursday at 7:00PM at BCS.
+ * General questions for the enlightenment of newcomers:
+ - John S.: What's the present makeup of the group? Presently almost entirely either ex-IIT or IIT, would like to change this.
+ * Matt C. moves to accept MIBS SRC3 as a framework and basis for revision for our rules of order. Seconded by Celeste W., passed unanimously. Matt C. will start a mailing list thread, use GDocs to revise a copy for approval.
+ * Mission statement bullet points were approved by consensus, Matt C. will convert into paragraph form by Friday and post to mailing list for comment.
+ * Attendance at Flourish as a group is encouraged, more for networking purposes then marketing at this point.
+ * Maker's Faire.
+ - Two locations, one in Chicago, one in Evanston. Joy B. would be interested in going to Evanston.
+ - We want to have a booth at the North Side venue, Matt C. will start a thread. John S. has contacts with an organizer.
+## New Business ##
+ * Matt C.: Do we want to talk to the people involved with Pleasant House and Co-Prosperity Sphere.
+ * Celeste W.: Starting a subreddit.
+ * Git 101 session. We'll figure out on the mailing list when to do this.
+ * Set up a group calendar. Alex Z. will set up Google Apps for Domains.
+ * We may want to print t-shirts, we need a design first.
+ - Buttons are also possible, however there is some disagreement on how useful they are.
+ - Custom nametags.
+ - Shirts can be problematic, need to investigate.
+ - Come up with a design for merch, collect interest on the list.
+ - Celeste W. will come up with a design by EOD tomorrow.
+ * Dmitriy V. and Alex Z. will collaborate on updating the flyer.
+ * Alex Z. will start a critical path list for acquiring a space.
+ * Put anything you're interesting in learning about or can teach on the list!
+ * Mailing list thread on basic supplies.
+ - Matt C.: Andy ? has begun to put together a list of basic hand and power tools.

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