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Project for gesture based ui
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Apple Watch Space Game

Repository for our fourth year Gesture-based UI project


This project is a simple proof of concept space shooter game made to be played on an Apple iPone with a paired Apple Watch. The phone provides the visual side of the game while the Watch acts as the controller for said game. The Watch records the users arm rotation and transfers this to the Phone to move the player onscreen.

This game was developed for our fourth year Gesture-based UI project.

Repository Contents

  • Swift App: XCode workspace
  • Demo Video: Short demonstration of the app working.
  • Documentation: Pdf outlining architecture, implementations and conclusions.
  • Media: Directory containing images used.

Game Screens

Below are screenshots of the app running on the iPhone and the companion app running on the Apple Watch

Links / References


Watch connectivity:

Sending Data:

Class Diagram:

Apple Docs:

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