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This is an extraction of Resque-web from inside Resque
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This is a Sinatra-based front end for seeing what's up with your Resque workers.


If you've installed Resque as a gem running the front end standalone is easy:

$ resque-web

It's a thin layer around rackup so it's configurable as well:

$ resque-web -p 8282

If you have a Resque config file you want evaluated just pass it to the script as the final argument:

$ resque-web -p 8282 rails_root/config/initializers/resque.rb

You can also set the namespace directly using resque-web:

$ resque-web -p 8282 -N myapp

or set the Redis connection string if you need to do something like select a different database:

$ resque-web -p 8282 -r localhost:6379:2

Using The front end for failures review

Using the front end to review what's happening in the queue

After using Resque for a while, you may have quite a few failed jobs. Reviewing them by going over pages when showing 20 a page can be a bit hard.

You can change the param in the url (in the failed view only for now), just add per_page=100 and you will see 100 per page. for example:


Using Passenger? Resque ships with a you can use. See Phusion's guide:

Apache: Nginx:


If you want to load Resque on a subpath, possibly alongside other apps, it's easy to do with Rack's URLMap:

require 'resque/server'

run \
  "/"       =>,
  "/resque" =>

Check examples/demo/ for a functional example (including HTTP basic auth).

Rails 3

You can also mount Resque on a subpath in your existing Rails 3 app by adding require 'resque/server' to the top of your routes file or in an initializer then adding this to routes.rb:

mount, :at => "/resque"

If you use Devise, the following will integrate with your existing admin authentication (assuming you have an Admin Devise scope):

resque_constraint = lambda do |request|
  request.env['warden'].authenticate!({ :scope => :admin })
constraints resque_constraint do
  mount, :at => "/resque"
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