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PoopVolcano is a clone of @pooptag. The greatest application in the history of computation.

WARNING: Use node version 0.4 (master).

Once you clone the code run:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive

To fetch all the dependencies, and you should be "good to go" for some value of the phrase.

The app uses the streaming API and Oauth to authenticate, so get yourself some keys if you intend to
try it out.

The app will create a unix-domain-socket repl in $(pwd)/repl.sock
you'll need something like socat to connect to that (socat ./repl.sock -)

If you aren't hardcore enough to remote into the app locally you can launch it with --repl to get one
bound to stdio right away.

The all is exposed in the repl as "$volcano" and you can close it with '$volcano.stop()' which should
"gracefully" bring down anything you may have been doing, including any connected REPLs.

Q: Why don't use a package manager like every other sane developer?
A: I don't like depending on a package manager to work and am quite content with submodules and
   a small loader to find what I need. It also makes it easier to fetch everything you need using
   just source control.
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