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from datetime import datetime
from wheelman.libs.irclib import nm_to_n
from wheelman.core.fsm.states import Registered
from wheelman.core.decorators import need_user_state
def nop(meta): pass
def echo(meta, message):
return message
def echo_verbose(meta, message):
return ("Message is %d chars" % len(message),
def dance(meta):
return ("Just for you, %s" % nm_to_n(meta.event.source()),
def first_post(meta):
from wheelman.core.db import Session
from wheelman.core.models import Log
who = "Do you think this is a game?"
session = Session()
now =
today = datetime(year=now.year, month=now.month,
first_log = session.query(Log)\
.filter(Log.type.in_(["pubmsg", "ctcp"]))\
.filter("created_at >= :today").params(today = today)\
if first_log: who = "%s is on first." % first_log.source
return who
def admin(meta):
return "Admin action ran"
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