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Make ERC and ZNC get along more goodest.
Emacs Lisp
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znc.el Looks like a typo :eyes:

It's a ZNC "mode"

Aint that exciting?


$ git clone

Make sure the contents of the repo, or just znc.el is on your load-path. Then add this to your init.el or equivalent

;; Install
(require 'znc)

Configure it for your specific instance from within emacs once installed.

M-x customize-group znc RET

Engage! It'll prompt you for a configured server, or tell you to configure one

M-x znc-erc

Or you can make a giant sweep and connect to freaking everything

M-x znc-all

Usage notes

/reconnect will recycle the hell out of the server buffer.

By default, when you kill a channel buffer instead of /parting from the channel, you will /detach from it. This is customizable.

You can also get ZNC.el from the Marmalade ELPA repository. See for instructions on using Marmalade.

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