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from datetime import datetime
from fabric.api import *
from import needs_host
from fabric.contrib.files import exists
def with_roles(*roles_then_funcs):
def role_or_function(acc, i):
if callable(i): acc[1].append(i)
else: acc[0].append(i)
return acc
def bind_roles(roles_list, func):
func.roles = roles_list
required_roles, functions = reduce(role_or_function, roles_then_funcs, ([], []))
map(lambda func: bind_roles(required_roles, func), functions)
def path_subdir(*d):
return "%s/%s" % (env.path, "/".join(d))
def add_path_subdir(*d):
run("mkdir -p %s" % path_subdir(*d))
return path_subdir(*d)
def setup():
Create all the required directories used by a deployment
def is_missing_path_subdir(d):
return not exists(path_subdir(d))
created = map(add_path_subdir,
filter(is_missing_path_subdir, ["releases", "shared"]))
if not created: print "All requirements seem to be met!"
def deploy(release=None):
Deploy the current snapshot
def build_release(release=None):
Build a release on the local side
env.last_release = release or ("fab.release.%s" % (datetime.utcnow().strftime("%Y_%m_%d_%H-%M-%S")))
tgz = "/tmp/%s.tgz" % env.last_release
local("tar czf %s ." % tgz, capture=False)
def send_release(release=None):
if not release:
require("last_release", provided_by=["build_release"])
release = env.last_release
put("/tmp/%s.tgz" % release, "/tmp/%s.tgz" % release)
env.last_sent_release = release
def unpack_release(release=None):
setup() #Assure we have somewhere to unpack
if not release:
require("last_sent_release", provided_by=["send_release"])
release = env.pop('last_sent_release')
add_path_subdir("releases", release)
with cd(path_subdir("releases", release)):
run("tar zxf /tmp/%s.tgz" % release)
env.last_remote_release = release
def clean_release(release=None):
if not release:
require("last_release", provided_by=["build_release"])
release = env.pop('last_release')
with settings(warn_only=True):
with hide("warnings"): local("rm /tmp/%s.tgz" % release)
def clean_remote_release(release=None):
if not release:
require("last_sent_release", provided_by=["send_release"])
release = env.pop('last_sent_release')
with hide("warnings"): run("rm /tmp/%s.tgz" % release)
def activate_release(release=None):
Activate the last, or the given release
if not release:
require("last_remote_release", provided_by=["send_release"])
release = env.last_remote_release
with cd(env.path):
run("rm -f current_stage")
run("ln -s releases/%s current_stage" % release)
run("mv -T current_stage current")
with cd(path_subdir("shared")):
run("echo -n %s > current.txt" % release)
activate = activate_release
def available_releases():
with hide("everything"): r = run("ls -c1 %s" % path_subdir("releases"))
return r.split("\n")
def current_release():
with hide("everything"): r = run("cat %s" % path_subdir("shared", "current.txt"))
return r
def prune_releases(keep=None):
Keep a number of lastest releases (default of five) removing the rest
if not keep: keep = env.get('keep', 5)
keep = int(keep)
available = available_releases()
if keep > len(available) or keep < 1: abort("Trying to keep more than we have or none (%d/%d)" % (keep, len(available)))
print "Keeping %d of %d releases." % (keep, len(available))
remove = set(available) - set(available[:keep])
def remove_release(release):
run("rm -r %s" % path_subdir("releases", release))
map(remove_release, remove)
def rollback(n=1):
Rollback to the previous deployment
current = current_release()
available = available_releases()
previous = available[available.index(current) + 1:]
if previous:
previous = previous[0]
else: abort("No previous release available!")