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fix benchmark result display

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1 parent 0ef5822 commit e2349bfa51ef2627468b9968da900ba7f90fd2c8 @galdor galdor committed Oct 5, 2011
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2 examples/official-benchmarks.lisp
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
(format t "message size: ~A [B]~%" message-size)
(format t "message count: ~A ~%" message-count)
(format t "mean throughput ~A [msg/s]~%" (round throughput))
- (format t "mean throughput ~A [Mb/s]~%" (round megabits))))))))
+ (format t "mean throughput ~,3F [Mb/s]~%" (round megabits))))))))
(defun remote-thr (address message-size message-count)
(zmq:with-context (context 1)

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