The open source branch of our legacy API providing a robust, mission critical SSH component to the community.
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J2SSH Maverick

J2SSH Maverick is the successor to the original J2SSH API and includes a complete and stable implementation of an SSH2 client. Originally built from the ground up by the original author back in 2003, this product has, until now, only been available under a commercial license. With the development and pending release of a third generation SSH API, this legacy API has now been released under the LGPL v3 and will continue to be maintained by the core author as a contribution to the open source community.


NEW This project is now licensed under the LGPL v3 making it available to both commercial and open source applications.

Maven Repository

Releases are now available at maven central. Simply include the following dependency in your pom.


Binary Builds

Binary builds are available on at the URL below.


You can find javadocs at

Examples are included in the binary download or in the src/main/examples folder of the source tree.


This code was branched from our commercial codebase on August 27th 2014 and converted to a maven project for easier distribution in the ether. The version has been changed to 1.5.0 to avoid conflicts with our commercial codebase which continues to be developed. Bug fixes from our private repository will be pushed to this branch periodically along with any other community contributions that are forthcoming.

For more information visit our website at

For product update notifications follow us on Twitter


Lee Painter is the original author of the J2SSH API and founder of SSHTOOLS Limited. He has extensive experience in Java network security development, developing our client and server APIs as well as the being the architect and founder of open source projects such as SSL-Explorer and more recently the Hypersocket Framework