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Xadmin Build Status

Drop-in replacement of Django admin comes with lots of goodies, fully extensible with plugin support, pretty UI based on Twitter Bootstrap.

Live Demo

  • User: admin
  • Password: admin


  • Drop-in replacement of Django admin
  • Twitter Bootstrap based UI with theme support
  • Extensible with plugin support
  • Better filter, date range, number range, etc.
  • Built-in data export with xls, csv, xml and json format
  • Dashboard page with widget support
  • In-site bookmarking
  • Full CRUD methods


Get Started


Xadmin is best installed via PyPI. To install the latest version, run:

pip install xadmin

or Install from github source:

pip install git+git://

Install from github source for Django 2.0:

pip install git+git://

Install Requires




  • Compact with Django1.9.
  • Add Clock Picker widget for timepicker.
  • Fixed some userface errors.


  • Update fontawesome to 4.0.3
  • Update javascript files to compact fa icons new version
  • Update tests for the new instance method of the AdminSite class
  • Added demo graphs
  • Added quickfilter plugin.
  • Adding apps_icons with same logic of apps_label_title.
  • Add xlsxwriter for big data export.
  • Upgrade reversion models admin list page.
  • Fixed reverse many 2 many lookup giving FieldDoesNotExist error.
  • Fixed user permission check in inline model.


Online Group

  • QQ群 : 282936295

Run Demo Locally

cd demo_app
./ migrate
./ runserver

Open in your browser, the admin user password is admin


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