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ssimono committed 00c23c4 Jul 11, 2020
Now saves it into localStorage upon first input


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The progressive web app to share expenses among friends, useful for trips, shared living, restaurants and what not!

It is heavily inspired by Tricount, but completely free and open source. There is no app to install, no account to create. And with end-to-end encryption, your data is 100% private.

It makes use of to store the expenses.


  • I want to use it now, what do I do? Open (beta)
  • I forgot the password. Too bad, there is no way to recover it. But hopefully some of the participants still remember.
  • I set up a freecount without a password. Will the world know what I am buying? The data will be stored in clear in, but under a generated box id that no one can guess.
  • I am afraid my friends alter past expenses to screw me over. Then you should use another tool, or change friends. Although Freecount is designed with immutable data in mind, allows to DELETE or PUT past data via its API, meaning that immutability is not guaranteed.
  • I want to self-host Freecount. Please go ahead, it is a 100% static web app super easy to serve. GitHub pages would do the job.
  • I want to self-host the data too. It turns out jsonbox is also self-hostable, but right now the API endpoint is not configurable in Freecount. This would be easy to implement though, and pull requests are welcome.
  • Which trendy js framework is Freecount written in? The latest version of Vanilla js. And there is not even a build pipeline: your browser will run the code as it was typed, like in 2010.
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