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<title>AngularJS for Java developer</title>
For demonstration purposes let's load JQuery before RequireJS, so we can use
it to load and bootstrap RequireJS.
In real life you probably will want to optimize this.
For example, you can load and bootstrap RequireJS with <script> tag, and RequireJS will
load JQuery, your APP, etc...
<script src="js/lib/jquery-2.1.4.js"></script>
<div id="example-app" ng-controller="exampleController">
<h1>{{ greeting }}</h1>
// 1. Assume we already have JQuery loaded.
// 2. Load RequireJS library.
// 3. Load config.js with modules configuration.
// 4. Start example application.
url: "/js/lib/requirejs-2.1.22.js",
type: "GET",
dataType: "script",
cache: true,
async: false,
global: false,
"throws": true,
success: function () {
require(["/js/config.js"], function () {