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Detachable Menu visualization variant to render complex type inclusion

Objective : to render a component (xt:component) as a detachable menu which would be triggered by clicking on a simple handle that would be displayed at the component inclusion point (xt:use). The handle would serve as a toggle to hide / show the menu.

Currently this can only be simulated using CSS :hover pseudo-selectors to show the component / menu when the mouse is over the handle. We can generalize it to show the component / menu only when clicking. In a variant we may eventually also implement a shared component / menu to minimize DOM footprint (the component / menu DOM view would be rendered only once).

Proposed syntax

Exemple :

<xt:component name="t_style">
    <p>Alignment : <xt:attribute types="select" name="Alignment" values="left right center justify" param="filter=style;style_property=text-align;style_root_class=x-Cell" default="left" option="unset"/></p>
    <p>Border : <xt:attribute types="text" name="Border" param="filter=style;style_property=border;style_root_class=x-Cell" option="unset"></xt:attribute></p>
    <p>Padding : <xt:attribute types="text" name="Padding" param="filter=style;style_property=padding;style_root_class=x-Cell;style_target_class=v-cell-body" option="unset"></xt:attribute></p>
    <p>Margin bottom : <xt:attribute types="select" name="MarginBottom" values="0.5em 1em 1.5em 2em 2.5em 3em 4em 5em 6em 7em 8em 9em 10em" default="1em" param="filter=style;style_property=margin-bottom;style_root_class=x-Cell" option="unset"/></p>    

<xt:use types="t_style" param="detachable=true"/>


  • the example above uses a 'style' filter that applies the new value to the DOM for immediate feedback, in case the component / menu is a shared DOM tree, we must find a way for the filter to locate the menu handle to resolve it's target according to it (maybe with a new getComponentHandle() that would return the handle if the component is inserted as a detachable menu, and null otherwise ?).

  • where and how to setup a detachable menu handler

For the second question, the easiest solution is to define a standard handle to be used for every detachable menus, it could eventually use an icon with a parameter:

 <xt:use types="t_style" param="detachable=true;detachable_icon=/static/images/style.png"/>

As an alternative we could imagine that the xt:use of a detachable menu renders it's content as HTML and subscribes to it, e.g.:

 <xt:use types="t_style" param="detachable=true"><span class="style-menu">Style</span></xt:use>

As another alternative we could modify AXEL to manage a focus chain at the component level and define a mechanism to trigger detachable menus of a given type using an external command. That would allow to design some menu bars applying to the whole document, e.g. :

 <xt:use types="t_style" param="detachable=true;detachable_type=style"/>

would allow to define a corresponding button :

 <button data-deachable="style"/>Style</button>

then with little javascript code the button would be activated when a component with a detachable menu of type style would have the focus, and clicking on the button would show the menu


  • user moves the menu on screen and position is remembered (e.g. side menu)
  • well suited for styling menus (e.g. margins, text alignment, floating, etc.)
  • shared menu (inspector UI design pattern) : the component would share a single DOM tree that would show the data for the latest clicked menu handle
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