The 'date' filter

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Date picker filter

The 'date' filter is based on the jQuery UI Datepicker component.

It is compatible with the 'text' plugin. It shows the calendar UI when clicking on the date prompt. The calendar UI can be filled with keyboard in an input field or with mouse on the calendar view.


<xt:use types="text" param="filter=date;date_region=fr;date_format=ISO_8601">prompt</xt:use>

The date_region parameter specifies the user interface language (currently only 'fr', but you can edit the filters/date.js source code to add another region).

The date_format parameter specifies the output format. You can use any datepicker date format string (e.g. 'dd/mm/yy'), or a $.datepicker constant name such as ISO_8601 (others are ATOM, COOKIE, RFC_822, RFC_850, RFC_1036, RFC_1123, RFC_2822, RSS, TICKS, TIMESTAMP, W3C).


None at the moment


None yet

Single (or multiple) periods picker

To select a range of date (contiguous). Currently to select an interval you need to use two date picker filters on two fields. You can setup an interval binding (to be explained) to force a valid range.

Repeated date picker

To select repeated dates in time (see iCal's for instance).