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xquery version "1.0";
(: ------------------------------------------------------------------
Oppidum framework sample controller
Author: Stéphane Sire <>
Sample Oppidum controller. It just define a home page URL that shows
Oppidum version, a scaffold page and the admin module. The admin module can
then be used to update the Oppidum applications installed inside the DB.
NOTE: gen:process() still serves Oppidum static resources. The convention is
that these resources should be addressed with a URL ending in '/static/*'
(usually generated in the site's epilogue). However we recommend not to use it
and to use an Apache proxy or NGINX proxy configured to directly serve all
'/oppidum/static/*' resources directly from the file system.
To use this script you must first execute scripts/ to intialize
the /db/www/oppidum/config and /db/www/oppidum/mesh collections
February 2012 - (c) Copyright 2012 Oppidoc SARL. All Rights Reserved.
------------------------------------------------------------------ :)
import module namespace xdb=""; (: only for 'curtain' mode :)
import module namespace gen = "" at "../oppidum/lib/pipeline.xqm";
(: ======================================================================
Site default access rights
====================================================================== :)
declare variable $access := <access>
<rule action="POST" role="u:admin" message="database administrator"/>
(: ======================================================================
Site default actions
====================================================================== :)
declare variable $actions := <actions error="models/error.xql">
<action name="login" depth="0"> <!-- may be GET or POST -->
<model src="oppidum:actions/login.xql"/>
<view src="oppidum:views/login.xsl"/>
<action name="logout" depth="0">
<model src="oppidum:actions/logout.xql"/>
<!-- NOTE: unplug this action from @supported on mapping's root node in production -->
<action name="install" depth="0">
<model src="oppidum:scripts/install.xql"/>
declare variable $curtain := ();
(:declare variable $curtain := <site startref="home" supported="login" db="/db/www/oppidum" confbase="/db/www/oppidum" key="oppidum" mode="test">
<item name="*">
<model src="models/maintenance.xql"/>
let $mapping := fn:doc('/db/www/oppidum/config/mapping.xml')/site
if ($curtain and (xdb:get-current-user() != 'admin')) then
gen:process($exist:root, $exist:prefix, $exist:controller, $exist:path, 'fr', true(), $access, $actions, $curtain)
gen:process($exist:root, $exist:prefix, $exist:controller, $exist:path, 'fr', true(), $access, $actions, $mapping)