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Welcome to the Oppidum wiki!

We will develop Oppidum roadmap here. Some efforts are under way to publish a documentation. For an introduction to Oppidum you can read the XML London article and watch the corresponding slides.

Oppidum contains several parts :

  • a core library that performs request analysis and pipeline generation
  • a few utilities that provide some minimal API available inside a few XQuery modules to interact with the byproducts of the pipeline generator and to support web application design patterns (template driven page generation, CSS/JS skinning, error/message handling, data mapping of resources into the database, application installation, etc.)
  • some XQuery and XSLT pre-defined models, actions or views to be used in applications


Extras resources

Some pages we found useful to learn / develop with XQuery / XSLT

On a longer term...

Gists at your own discretion

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