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Oppidum Tutorial

Oppidum Tutorial is a simple Oppidum application that shows some Oppidum basics. It implements a simple website with a Home page and a variable number of Chapters (initially none). Authenticated users are able to edit the Home page and to add or change some Chapters. This way the tutorial shows :

  • how to write a web application controller using Oppidum's mapping language (see controller.xql)
  • how to write a mesh page to factorize web application pages building blocks such as header, login menu, navigation box, etc. (see mesh/standard.xhtml)
  • how to write an epilogue that renders a mesh page with some content (see epilogue.xql)
  • how to declare the web application CSS and Javascript files into a skin file (see config/skin.xml)
  • how to write XQuery and XSLT scripts to generate a web application page content
  • how to use an XTiger XML template (see templates/page.xhtml) with the AXEL and AXEL-FORMS libraries to make some pages editable, some runtime version of those libraries are packaged with Oppidum

Oppidum is an XML-oriented MVC framework written in XQuery / XSLT / Javascript.

It allows to develop applications on top of the eXist-db native XML database. It is designed to create custom content management solutions (CMS) involving lighweight XML authoring chains. Oppidum is developped and maintained by Stéphane Sire at Oppidoc.

How to test it ?

You need to install eXist-db on your system first. Use a 1.4.x version as we need to reorganize a little code layout for eXist 2.0.

Then clone Oppidum from the Oppidum's repository directly inside the webapp folder of your eXist installation. We strongly advise to create a projets folder inside the webapp folder and to checkout Oppidum within that folder (note that currently you MUST call this folder projets in french - this will be corrected) :

cd {eXist-Home}/webapp
mkdir projets
cd projets
git clone git://github.com/ssire/oppidum.git

For convenience Oppidum distribution contains a script/start.sh shell script that you can use to start eXist-db. Then you can point your browser to http://localhost:8080/exist/projets/oppidum to see a version screen. You can use the script/stop.sh to stop it (edit the file to set your database password within it).

Once you have checked Oppidum is running, you can clone the Oppidum tutorial from this repository directly inside the projets folder :

cd {eXist-Home}/webapp
cd projets
git clone git://github.com/ssire/tutorial.git

You should then be able to open the http://localhost:8080/exist/projets/tutorial url to access the tutorial.

The next step is to install some configuration files from Oppidum and from the Tutorial inside the database. For that purpose :

  • open the http://localhost:8080/exist/projets/oppidum/install url then check the config group and click on the install button
  • open the http://localhost:8080/exist/projets/tutorial/install url then check all the Data and Code groups and click on the install button

Note that you must login as a database admin to execute the installation scripts.