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Keeping up with the cool kids, infamous plugins will be participating in quarterly releases (or at least I'll be releasing at least one of my projects each quarter). This is beneficial because it forces me to release "small" fixes regularly, rather than waiting for the "BIG" release I had in mind (that's going on nearly 2 years and counting).

So wrapped into this release is lots of touch-ups and small fixes that mostly affect the host integration to the plugin. More notably the infamous stuck algorithm received a lot of attention and polished up as much as possible (probably no noticeable change to anyone though), a new stuck stacker version was created with no dry signal output so you can have several in parallel without affecting the gain, and the infamous power-up no longer has 10 seconds of latency (latency will now equal the power-up time).

The biggest addition though in this release is (fanfare): the infamous octolo. It's an octaver and tremolo in one (see what I did there?). It works as a fairly nice sounding tremolo too but the special sauce is that it is able to play different sequences of the 3 voices (octave up, octave down, same octave) for some fun rhythmic effects. Basically I keep trying to chase low-CPU pitch shifting and this is my latest solution. By using the tremolo effect for silent jumping, I'm able to play back the sounds at different speeds to achieve an octave up and octave down effect. At long tremolo lengths (slow speed) you will notice the timing effects which may make it a bit unwieldy for certain things. With short lengths it's not a problem. Overall I'm pleased with the effect and plan to use it in my own music. I hope you will too.

As always I love when you let me know how you are using these plugins of infamy. Have fun, make music, be free. Here ya go.


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@ssj71 ssj71 released this Feb 2, 2018 · 96 commits to master since this release

This is a bugfix release to resolve the issues that have been plaguing users of the infamous lushlife when optimizations were turned on. Other bugfixes are mostly in the meta-data of the plugins.

However you also get a bonus: a new effect! The infamous bent delay! This otherwise basic feedback delay purposefully aliases (according to how much to set it to downsample/"bend") to give you some grainy lo-fi delay effects. I was planning to hold out release until some more projects in the works were finished (like a GUI) but I want this bugfix for lushlife out asap.

Enjoy the infamy!

(NOTE: v0.2.03 was released late at night and I forgot to pull in some important changes in bent delay so it was removed. Go to bed when mom says, kids!)

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Feb 2, 2018
turn on all the optimizations!

@ssj71 ssj71 released this Dec 17, 2015 · 179 commits to master since this release

After release, several bugs were reported and fixed, almost exclusively in the lushlife UI. Fixes from 0.2.0 include:

  • major fixing up of dialogs when you right or center click widgets to set their value directly
  • added a special entry dialog for widgets with x and y values
  • more ttl fixes
  • thicker handles on the lushlife graph so they are easier to click
  • a new preset
  • now you can even have sound in ardour! (fix for inline processing).

as usual, we reccommend everybody update. And go be creative.

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@ssj71 ssj71 released this Dec 15, 2015 · 186 commits to master since this release

Soon after announcement, the lushlife UI is released! This release also has an important update to make the GUI's stable in qtractor. It is reccommended that everyone update to this latest version.

Now go get creative!

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Dec 15, 2015
trying to make bluebell happy :)

@ssj71 ssj71 released this Dec 9, 2015 · 269 commits to master since this release

This is mostly a placeholder release but includes the infamous lush life (without GUI). There are a couple other notable fixes though:

  • added uninstall target
  • fixed a lot of broken ttl

Once the lushlife GUI is released, it will be merged in and a new release made here, but there should be no other changes from this release. Said release should become v0.2.0.

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Dec 9, 2015
added uninstall target

@ssj71 ssj71 released this Sep 18, 2015 · 294 commits to master since this release

I've been somewhat thinking of the rule utility as deprecated since the new GUI accomplishes the same purpose, but I think rule is still interesting so I've added it to the build scripts so that it gets tested along with everything else.

Thanks for your patience.

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@ssj71 ssj71 released this Sep 17, 2015 · 296 commits to master since this release

this has several minor fixes and some larger ones such as:
-UIs are now resizable in other hosts (not just carla)
-hip2b and cellular automaton synth has better gain interpolation
-made it easy for fedora users to install to their weird lv2 path

most everything else was adjustments to coding style

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