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Rakarrack Effects Ported to LV2 Plugins
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This project is the rakarrack effects ported to LV2 plugins.
The ports are done such that hopefully when rakarrack gets
an active maintainer these will get merged into the original
project. This was forked from version 6.1 (git commit 7dba0c4bccf88740c56867568d5b218b4a131499).

To install simply download the files and open a terminal in the extracted directory
and execute:

 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake ..
 sudo make install

This will also install carla project files. These project files are the plugin
equivalent of the preset banks in the standalone rakarrack version. These must be in
/usr/share/rkr.lv2/ for reverbtron or echotron to work properly. 

EFFECTS (X - done, W - won't do, + - done with missing features)
[X] Lineal EQ
[X] Compressor
[X] Distortion 
[W] Overdrive - exact same engine as distortion, but has fewer controls, presets were added to dist.
[X] Echo 
[X] Chorus 
[W] Phaser - I'm not planning to do this, but it's negotiable. I'm only interested in the analog phaser version
[X] Analog Phaser 
[W] Flanger - this is identical to the chorus, presets from this will be included there
[X] Reverb 
[X] Parametric EQ 
[X] Cabinet Emulation - created new class for it 
[X] AutoPan/Stereo Expander 
[+] Harmonizer - still need to do midi mode version
[X] Musical Delay 
[W] Noise Gate - Direct copy of Steve Harris's Gate ladspa plugin
[X] WahWah 
[X] AlienWah 
[X] Derelict 
[X] Valve 
[X] Dual Flange 
[X] Ring 
[X] Exciter 
[X] DistBand 
[X] Arpie 
[X] Expander 
[X] Shuffle 
[X] Synthfilter 
[X] VaryBand 
[W] Convolotron - these require special input files, adding complexity. other excellent lv2 convolution engines already exist
[W] Looper - other good lv2 loopers exist
[X] MuTroMojo 
[X] Echoverse 
[X] CoilCrafter 
[X] ShelfBoost 
[X] Vocoder 
[X] Sustainer 
[X] Sequence 
[X] Shifter 
[X] StompBox 
[X] Reverbtron 
[X] Echotron 
[+] StereoHarm - no midi
[X] CompBand 
[X] Opticaltrem 
[X] Vibe 
[X] Infinity

__fx in preset bank 1__

Here is the original rakarrack README:

This app was born after an informal conversation about effects for guitar using GNU/linux.
The major part of this apps are discontinued or simply not have new versions after few
years. Josep Andreu say on the IRC chat "I can made an app based on the effects set 
hiden on code of ZynAddSubFX (by Paul Nasca Octavian). Some time after here is the
result of our work... 

This app has 42 effects: EQ Lineal, Compressor, Distortion, Overdrive, Echo, Chorus,
Phaser, Flanger, Reverb , Parametric EQ, Wah Wah, Alienwha, Harmonizer etc. 
The effects are procesed in cascade... The order of effects are configurable by the user. 
The state of rack can be saved as 'presets'. Sets of presets can be stored as 'banks'. 
The rack also has an integrated tuner and can receive MIDI control orders and can send MIDI 
notes to MIDI devices like synthesizers.

For more information about this app or help compiling, please visit or
join the #rakarrack chanel in freenode IRC.

Thanks for downloading and using this app... any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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