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Turns your touchpad into a midi controller!
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turns your touchpad into a MIDI controller!

this was my first linux project ever and I don't have a lot of use for it any more
so I haven't done anything to maintain it, but I'm posting it in case someone
finds it useful or interesting.  Go ahead and leave an issue if it doesn't work 
and I'll try to help you out.

As with all open source software, there are no guarantees for anything here.

This was created by forking the synclient app and VMPK and frankenstiening
them together. Its probably horrible looking code but it worked and I needed
it at the time (in fact one of my best recordings was made using it).

There are a few dependencies:

To install open terminal and go to this directory. Then enter:


then run the binary that appears here magically.

You should also enable SHMConfig if it is not already. There are instructions at:
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