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Multiplayer expectations

Due to the release of multiplayer the game has seen an influx of users from all different backgrounds, in many cases this is the first time some are using the Steam Workshop. That being said, Workshop pages notoriously have queue issues with multiple titles, let alone a game that has seen this many new and returning users. What this means is that clients don't always grab the latest addon updates when you would expect them to.

While hosting a server and or attempting to play on one, once you start adding x amount of addons, the server is going to need to reboot at more frequent intervals to offset the chance of those addons updating and locking players out. Hosts should configure their servers to reboot every few hours to avoid mismatches and download the latest updates.

Servers also cannot update while they're live, much like the game itself cannot update while it is running. These are all things that should be considered when playing multiplayer.