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Spread your tests over processors and/or multiple machines to test your code faster.


Hydra is a distributed testing framework. It allows you to distribute your tests locally across multiple cores and processors, as well as run your tests remotely over SSH.

Hydra's goals are to make distributed testing easy. So as long as you can ssh into a computer and run the tests, you can automate the distribution with Hydra.

Usage and Configuration

Check out the wiki for usage and configuration information:

I've tried hard to keep accurate documentation via RDoc as well:

Supported frameworks

Right now hydra only supports a few frameworks:

  • Test::Unit

  • Cucumber

  • RSpec

We're working on adding more frameworks, and if you'd like to help, please send me a message and I'll show you where to code!


Copyright © 2010 Nick Gauthier. See LICENSE for details.