A Sketch plugin to generate prototype web pages.
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Version Join the chat at https://gitter.im/Sketch-Plugin-Blade/Lobby

Blade is a sketch plugin designed to generate prototype web pages. Add simple annotation to your sketch layers and blade will get the magic done. Click image below to see demo video.

Blade New Demo


  • Copy blade.sketchplugin in dist folder to sketch plugin folder.
  • Create a artboard to group your layers.
  • Run Blade -> Export Current Artboard on plugin menu.

You can check the example file and its output in the example folder.

Annotation Usage

Blade use layer name annotation to convert layer to certain html component.


Add link to any kind of layer.



Switch between different versions of any layer. Press Command key to see selectors.



Default type of group layer. Can be centered to its container.



Layer will not show in output.


Export any kind of layer as a Image.



  • Group( as default)
  • A
  • Button
  • Case
  • Ignore
  • Img
  • Input
  • Text
  • Textarea

Script support

Support basic javascript