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@ssl ssl released this Apr 27, 2021

The official release of ezXSS v3.10. This update brings some great new features and fixes.

What is new in ezXSS v3.10?

  • Added Telegram alerts
  • Added ability to send alerts to custom endpoint
  • Ability to customize admin (manage) link
  • Extract additional defined pages
  • Allow wildcard in blocked and whitelist domains
  • Faster user experience because of query improvements
  • Updated the screenshot html2canvas library
  • Updated the styling and placement of some pages
  • Improved Docker installation and added first steps to Docker Hub (@Flightkick)
  • Fixed some bugs
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@ssl ssl released this Oct 26, 2020

ezXSS v3.9 is a big update in terms of performance, styling and functionality. In case you working with company's that don't like you to collect all information that ezXSS can collect, you can now select what you want to collect and what not.

Also, there is a new theme called 'Green' which gives a new experience to ezXSS. I endorse people to create their own themes and create a pull request for it! (Have a look and copy at green.css).

  • New theme and ability to switch between themes
  • Ability to select what to collect on payload
  • Big (SQL) performance enhancement to all pages
  • Cleaned up some code
  • CSS stylesheet is now minified and self-hosted
  • Cleaned up some styling
  • Added timezone dropdown in settings
  • Fixed some bugs
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@ssl ssl released this Sep 16, 2020

This version brings some small but handy features and bug fixes.

  • Added 'Copy cookies as JSON' button
  • Added nginx rewrite example file
  • Added ability to share reports via email #62
  • Some small styling updates #63
  • Fixed updating not working in <3.5
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@ssl ssl released this Sep 2, 2020

ezXSS v3.7 makes it possible to run ezXSS in Docker, and fixes some small things.
If updating from 3.6 to 3.7; remove config.ini and rename the new .env.example to .env.

  • Added Docker support thanks to @glitchwitchsec
  • Put local & session storage in textbox
  • New update method that is future proof
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Renamed config.ini to .env

Thanks for using ezXSS!

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@ssl ssl released this Sep 1, 2020

Thanks for using ezXSS! 3.6 brings some new features and bug fixes.

In order to update ezXSS 3.x to 3.6 you need to rename config.ini.example to config.ini and fill in your database information. Your database information is no longer stored in the Database.php.


Fixed #56, bug on deleting reports on page 2 or up
Fixed and added #55, custom send mail from
Added config file
Renamed some things
Fixed some other small bugs

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@ssl ssl released this Aug 25, 2020

v3.5 makes it possible to use multiple payload (links). Add a custom string after your payload link to distinguish insert points.

If you need a complete custom script you can now add a javascript file to the templates folder and ezXSS will serve this. See /custom (/templates/custom.js) for an example.

  • Fixed a bug in settings #53
  • Added version check and updater
  • Added custom payload link
  • Added custom payload js file
  • Fixed some bugs
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@ssl ssl released this Aug 24, 2020

ezXSS 3.4 makes it possible to select multiple reports and delete or archive them. It also adds the ability to share, delete or archive a report within the report page.

  • Added Feature request: Add ability to share, delete, archive report from inside the actual report feature #40
  • Added Feature request: Make it easier to delete more than 1 report at a time feature #39
  • Fixed some other things

I will try to add more small feature requests before a possible 4.0 release. If you have any let me know. Thanks again for using ezXSS!


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@ssl ssl released this Aug 24, 2020

ezXSS 3.3 is a small update before the 4.0 release. I've refactored some code and added a kill switch.

It would probably still take some time before 4.0 will be released. More 3.x releases can be expected.

Thanks for using ezXSS!

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@ssl ssl released this Mar 19, 2020

ezXSS 3.2 is now available! This release fixes some bugs and security issues. ezXSS 3.1 and 3.0 are affected by these bugs, which are fixed in version 3.2. You should update to prevent information disclosure.


  • Fixed search function
  • Support chinese
  • Fixed 2FA for new installations
  • Fixed share report bug/security issue

Thanks to @54Pany and @geeknik

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@ssl ssl released this Nov 4, 2019

Quick update.

3.1 Changelog:

  • Checks if you are on PHP >7.1
  • Fixed an issue where blocked domains didn't properly work
  • Fixed 2FA login
  • Fixed a possible memory limit issue.

Will be working on v4.0 soon with a new codebase. Open for ideas and feedback.

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