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CaVer is a runtime bad-casting detection tool. With the help of the LLVM compiler suite, CaVer first performs program instrumentations at compile time and then validates type casting based on a new runtime type tracing mechanism.

For more details and demos, please check our project page, ESHard. and the published paper Type Casting Verification: Stopping an Emerging Attack Vector, USENIX Security 2015.

CaVer won the Internet Defense Prize from Facebook and USENIX Security, and we are grateful for their supports.

How to build

make caver

This command creates the build directory build. For example, clang binary can be located from build/bin/clang-3.5.

How to test

make test

This runs two different sets of testing, check-clang-cver and check-cver.

check-clang-cver tests the correctness of Clang level code generations including THTable emits and stack variable allocation tracing. The testing code can be found in llvm/tools/clang/test/CodeGen/cver.

check-cver does the end-to-end testing on the caver's bad-casting detection capability. It includes various casting cases (e.g., from (non-)polymorhpic classes to (non-)polymoprhic classes), and the testing code can be found in llvm/projects/compiler-rt/test/cver/TestCases.

How to use

CaVer can be easily activated by adding one extra compiler flag, -fsanitize=cver. For example, suppose we want to protect the simple bad-casting code, (please check more bad-casting testcases in compiler-rt to understand how CaVer handles more complicated castings).

$ cat >
class S {};
class T : public S {
  int m;

int main() {
  S* ps = new S;
  T* pt = static_cast<T*>(ps); // bad-casting!
  return 0;

Assuming $BUILD_DIR points to the caver build directory, can be built using CaVer as follows.

$ $BUILD_DIR/bin/clang++ ./ -o test -fsanitize=cver

Once executing the CaVer instrumented binary, test, Caver generates bad-casting reports at runtime including detailed informatoin on such bad-casting and call stacks. Note, this call stack information can be symbolized using llvm symbolizer.

$ ./test 
== CastVerifier Bad-casting Reports Casting from 'S' to 'T'
              Pointer      0x60200000f7d0
              Alloc base   0x60200000f7d0
              User base    0x60200000f7d0
              Offset       0x000000000000
              TypeTable    0x00000041e250
    #0 0x402366 (/home/blee/project/cast_sanitizer/old_test/example/test+0x402366)
    #1 0x41925a (/home/blee/project/cast_sanitizer/old_test/example/test+0x41925a)
    #2 0x7ff496967ec4 (/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
    #3 0x41912b (/home/blee/project/cast_sanitizer/old_test/example/test+0x41912b)

== End of reports.

Code browsing guideline.

The current version of CaVer made a direct changes to LLVM compiler suites, and it is branched out from

  • LLVM: 9853f945205a0e1193afc3e84c10be96b4932d1b
  • Clang: adc3bbec2b4d390277094b8f33df6ec25abe96b3
  • Compiler-rt: 23c70c8907fd669d4cbeeba59680e40fc1b61d19

, and applied a few upstream patches to fix regression bugs of LLVM compiler suites (which unfortunately mixed up with CaVer's changes).

In order to check the true changes that CaVer made to LLVM compiler suites, the best would be diffing from the branching point.

git diff 9b5950d61de7cade786239321298a874d7319a6d --stat

In a nutshell, CaVer's majors changes are as follows.

  • CGTHTables.h in llvm/tools/clang/lib/CodeGen implements Type Hierarchy Table.

  • CGExpr.cpp and CGExpr.cpp in llvm/tools/clang/lib/CodeGen inspects the casting operations, and instrument the runtime calls in case of downcasting. Much of the implementation is based on Undefined Sanitizers.

  • CGDecl.cpp in llvm/tools/clang/lib/CodeGen instruments a tracing routine on stack variable allocation and deallocation.

  • CastVerifier.cpp in llvm/lib/Transforms/Instrumentation implements a LLVM pass for CaVer. As an optimization technique, this pass enables CaVer to avoiding to trace unnecesary class allocations.

  • cver_*.cc and cver_*.h in llvm/projects/compiler-rt/lib/cver implements a runtime library of CaVer, which keeps track of allocation metadata and finally carries out casting verfication if required.