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We hinder fuzzing
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About Fuzzification

Fuzzification helps developers protect the released, binary-only software from attackers who are capable of applying state-of-the-art fuzzing techniques. Given a performance budget, this approach aims to hinder the fuzzing process from adversaries as much as possible.

Existing Fuzzification components

  • SpeedBump: Amplifies the slowdown in normal executions by hundreds of times to the fuzzed execution.
  • BranchTrap: Interfers with feedback logic by hiding paths and polluting coverage maps.
  • AntiHybrid: Hinders taint-analysis and symbolic execution.


Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 64bit and LLVM 5.0 (with gold plugin)

Quick start



  title={FUZZIFICATION: Anti-Fuzzing Techniques},
  author={Jung, Jinho and Hu, Hong and Solodukhin, David and Pagan, Daniel and Lee, Kyu Hyung and Kim, Taesoo},
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