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Kenali: Enforcing Kernel Security Invariants with Data Flow Integrity

Kenali is a project aims to prevent memory-corruption-based kernel privilege escalation attacks. It includes three major components: kernel patches, analysis, and instrumentation. This is the prototype kernel for the Nexus 9 device, forked from android-tegra-flounder-3.10-lollipop-release.

Technical Details

Please check out paper for more details.


  • It's just a proof-of-concept prototype, so try at your own risk.
  • You'll need all three components to fully utilize the protection from Kenali, I'll push the other two components into other repos (later).


This kernel has been tailored to be built by clang (v3.6 or higher), with patches and scripts from the LLVMLinux projects.

To build into bootable kernel binary (tested with Google GCC toolchain):

make ARCH=arm64 \
    CROSS_COMPILE=${PATH_TO_GCC_BIN}/aarch64-linux-android- \
    HOSTCC=clang CC=clang

To build into LLVM bitcode for static analysis:

make ARCH=arm64 \
    CROSS_COMPILE=${PATH_TO_GCC_BIN}/aarch64-linux-android- \

You can download here. You may need to patch this script based on the output of file $BC_FILE, if it's "LLVM bitcode", you're good; if it's "LLVM IR bitcode", then you need to replace the grep parameter.

To pack the kernel arch/arm64/boot/Image.gz-dtb into a flashable bootimg, check the tutorial widely available online.



Enforcing Kernel Security Invariants with Data Flow Integrity
Chengyu Song, Byoungyoung Lee, Kangjie Lu, William R. Harris, Taesoo Kim, and Wenke Lee
NDSS 2016

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