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Scalable and Practical Locking with Shuffling



ShflLocks are a family of locking protocols that implement use shuffling mechanism to implement several policies, such as NUMA-awareness, or blocking. We implement three locking protocols: NUMA-aware spinlock, NUMA-aware blocking mutex, and NUMA-aware blocking rwlock.

Tested Environment

  • We use Ubuntu 16.04 but with our versions of kernels for testing purposes.

Required programs

  • We use the following programs for evaluation
    • Fxmark: file system micro-benchmarking in the kernelspace
    • lock1: This benchmark stresses the kernel spinlock and is part of the will-it-scale benchmark suite
    • Exim: mail server to stress kernelspace locks
    • Metis: map-reduce library to stress readers-writer lock in the kernel
    • AFL: fuzzer to stress kernel locks
    • Dedup: Parsec benchmark that stresses lock allocation in the usersapce
    • Streamcluster: Parsec benchmark that has about 40% of trylock calls in the userspace
    • Leveldb: Database benchmark that stresses a single lock in the userspace
    • Extended version of RCU-table benchmark, used for nano-benchmarking locks.

Kernelspace Benchmark

  • To test locks in the kernelspace, patch the kernel in the patches folder
  • Clone the following benchmark suite:
  $ git clone
  $ git clone


  • We use the following benchmarks for evaluating all types of locks

    • MWCM
    • MWRL
    • MWRM
    • MRDM
  • We use following settings for our evaluation, which can be modified in bin/

    self.DIRECTIOS = ["nodirectio"]
    self.MEDIA_TYPES = ["mem"]
    self.FS_TYPES = ["tmpfs"]
  • One issue with Fxmark is that we need to specify which benchmarks to run on line 520 in Please, modify the following line ("mem", "*", "MWCM", "80", "directio")), to ("mem", "tmpfs", "MWCM", "*", "nodirectio")), If we use * for each column in the tuple, then Fxmark will comprehensively run all benchmarks on specified mediums for varying core count. Columns in the tuple represent the following:
    • mem: storage medium
    • tmpfs: file system
    • DWOL: benchmark name
    • 80: thread count
    • nodirectio: This is specific for nodirectio
  • Note that NUM_TEST_CONF=0 may be encountered on not appropriately setting the thread count. For testing purpose, please use the online core count (excluding HT).


  • We use the following benchmarks from Vbench:

    • Exim
    • Metis
  • Please follow the in the Vbench repo on how to run the benchmark and generate graphs.

  • AFL: Please follow the in the benchmarks/fuzzing directory

  • Nano-benchmark: Please refer to the benchmarks/kernel-syncstress.

Userspace Benchmark

  • We extend the Litl framework (ulocks/src/litl/) and use the LD_PRELOAD for usersapce benchmarks.

  • Compile the Litl framework as follows:

make -C ulocks/src/litl
  • For Leveldb, follow in the benchmarks/leveldb-1.20 folder.

  • For Dedup and Streamcluster, follow the in the benchmarks/parsec folder.


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