A downloader/converter for reading fanfiction on portable devices.
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A command-line tool for saving fanfiction to disk for reading offline. Currently in a very early stage of development, but I use it almost daily on Fanfiction.net, so you can be fairly certain that'll work reliably.

fanfic2ebook generates cleaned HTML suitable for conversion to eBooks and currently supports the following sites:


Basic usage:

fanfic2html http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2830860/1/ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1744410/1/

See the output of --help for usage instructions.

Windows .exe bundles are NOT installers. They are ready-to-run tools which need no installation and should be run via cmd.exe.


Source Dependencies: (Will be included in .exe bundles)

  • Python 2.x (I forget which version but anything installed by default should do)
  • LXML
  • httplib2 (Optional but recommended. Provides HTTP caching and compression.)

Runtime Dependencies: (Not included in .exe bundles)

  • MSVCR90.dll (Windows .exe bundles only. Normally included with Python and often already present on your system.)
  • calibre (Optional. Only required for automatic conversion to non-HTML formats. Support may currently be broken.)

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter problems, please report them via the GitHub issue tracker for this project.

When reporting problems, please provide the following information:

  • The exact command line which gave you issues
  • What version of fanfic2ebook you are using (For .exe bundles, run fanfic2html --version)
  • What operating system you are running it on
  • If running a source build, the versions of Python, LXML, and httplib2 you are using.