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Future Plans

Stephan Sokolow edited this page Nov 5, 2013 · 4 revisions
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  • Finish tidying up and debugging what already exists.
  • Finish writing the Nose unit tests and start on some LDTP integration tests.
    • …including some kind of data gathering extension so people whose tests are failing can easily and reliably report what window manager they’re using and any other details necessary to replicate the bug.
  • Keybindings to dynamically resize the rows and columns which windows are snapped to.
  • Keybindings which act as a directional alternative to Alt-Tab.
  • GTK+-based keybinding GUI
    • KDE-style hotkey-binding buttons
    • for more intuitive unhandled exception behaviour.
  • Active Corner Implementation
    • Using un-managed, shaped 4×4 windows to give the appearance of rounded corners on desktops without compositing
    • Transparent to unbound clicks (Could take a while. I only vaguely know it’s possible.) and visually transparent if compositing is enabled.
    • Support for scrollwheel-based desktop switching
  • “Welding” windows together (Comparative testing of various approaches needed)
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