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@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ As a gem, the old-fashioned way:
As a gem with bundler, add to your ./Gemfile:
gem 'scheduler_daemon'
+I pretty much assume you chose this option below and prefix most commands with "bundle exec"
As a plugin: (might be awkward to call the binary to start up the daemon...)
@@ -49,8 +51,13 @@ Usage
generate a new scheduled task:
- script/generate scheduler_task MyTaskName
+ script/rails generate scheduler_task MyTaskName
+If you have problems with that, the template for new tasks is in the gem under:
+ lib/scheduler_daemon/rails/generators/scheduler_task/templates/scheduled_tasks/example_task.rb
+you can always copy it and make modifications, or see "Manually create tasks" below.
Tasks support their own special DSL; commands are:
@@ -66,18 +73,17 @@ Tasks support their own special DSL; commands are:
fire up the daemon in console mode to test it out
- scheduler_daemon run
- or
bundle exec scheduler_daemon run
For production environments, add the daemon to the system start-up, and
capistrano deploy scripts, etc. Something like:
- RAILS_ENV=production scheduler_daemon start
+ export RAILS_ENV=production
+ bundle exec scheduler_daemon start
Selectively run tasks like so:
- scheduler_daemon start -- --only=task_name1,task_name2 --except=not_me
+ bundle exec scheduler_daemon start -- --only=task_name1,task_name2 --except=not_me
Manually create tasks
@@ -112,8 +118,6 @@ Bugs
Submit bugs here
-I'd especially like to hear about success/failures with Rails versions outside of 2.2.x to 2.3.x
@@ -140,7 +144,3 @@ Steven Soroka
* [My Github repo](
* [My blog](
-Special thanks to [Goldstar]( for promoting open-source in the workplace.

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