Simple, disposable alarms and timers for Mac OS X.
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Simple, disposable alarms and timers for OS X.

Building Pester

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. cd /path/to/Pester
  3. git submodule update --init --force
  4. Copy the Growl 1.2.3 SDK framework to /Library/Frameworks (included in the Growl 2.0.1 SDK in Framework/Legacy)
  5. Open the project file (in the Source folder) in Xcode and build.

The corresponding Xcode version is mentioned in the version history, though there should be a reasonable amount of slop. The main thing to break is Perl dependencies, as OS X tends to include at most 2 versions. This is one reason why recent versions of Pester no longer support as many OS X versions as they once did (Apple’s free yearly updates, more aggressive deprecation policy, and my vanishing free time don’t help).

Running tests

Pester’s test coverage is dismal, but some tests do exist for trickier bits such as the exception-y deserialization process and interaction of Date::Manip with OS X date formats.

  1. Select Product → Test in Xcode.

Need ideas?

Open Pester to do.oo3 in OmniOutliner — it contains many ideas I haven’t had time to implement. If you don't have OmniOutliner, use this HTML version instead.